Your earning potential

As a creator it's tough to make the leap to full-time. We've made this calculator to help you understand your potential revenue, and how it could translate to a salary.

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With an audience around 10,000 people , and 5% of those clicking on anything you post you'll get about 500 clicks per week.

So how do you monetize? We've modeled three approaches for you here, selling time, selling digital products, and selling physical products.

Selling Time

Depending on what you do, you could sell your time as a mentor, coach, or consultant.

If you sell each session for $45 and it lasts 30 minutes, your hourly rate would be $90. Suppose your conversion rate is 3% , you could expect to receive 15 bookings each week.

If you spend 3 hours per week selling your services, you could earn $90 per hour or $270 per week. If you worked full-time, and had consistent traffic, your yearly salary would be around $13,500 just from selling your time.

Selling Digital Goods

You could also sell digital goods, which uncouples how much time you spend from your earnings, but with a higher upfront commitment.

With your digital product priced at $25 , and a conversion rate at 3%, you'd have around 15 sales per week, and make $375. Digital Products tend to be more spikey, with big sales at launch and taper off over time. If your traffic lasts 12 weeks, you'd make $4,500 in total.

Selling Physical Goods

For larger accounts, selling physical goods can work well, despite the costs of shipping / producing a product.

For a product priced at $100 and a cost to you of $60, your profit per unit would be $40. Keep in mind there's a time cost to fulfilling physical products, which isn't modeled here.

If you're able to convert 3%, you'd sell 15 units per week, for a weekly profit of $600. If that traffic continues for 12 weeks, you'd make $7,200.

It's never been easier to start a business online, especially if you've already built an audience.

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